Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Review: Neely's BBQ Nashville

I would first like to say Neely's BBQ in Nashville is not the easiest place to find. As a matter of fact we actually missed it, and we had the address programmed into our TomTom GPS nav. After making a U-turn we saw the red neon Barbecue sign. Make the effort to find it, it's worth it!

Walking in, Neely's is just as you would expect a Nashville BBQ joint to look like. Lots of wood, red checkered table cloths, and a friendly staff waiting to help you make your choice.

The choice was a difficult one, so I refused to make it; my dining partner and I each got a two meat combo and shared them. That means four meats, four sides, and some sweet tea that you could probably put a string in and make rock candy.

First combo had pork ribs and pulled pork with coleslaw and beans, the second combo had smoked beef sausage, sliced brisket and sides which include bbq spaghetti, and potato salad. If I had to sum this meal up in one word and was held to just one word it would be tender. In fact the meats at Neely's were so tender you could literally shake the ribs and the meat would fall off the bone. The brisket was so tender and juicy I never picked up my white plastic knife, and the pork just melted in your mouth. The side were all fresh and delicious and the BBQ sauce was quite nice. I usually prefer a spicy sauce but I felt the mild had a better flavor. Perhaps if the spicy had a little more heat I would have prefered it.

If you find yourself in Nashville, do yourself a favor, find Neely's BBQ. Tell them RoJo Sent you!

Neely’s Barbecue ( Nashville TN.)
2292 Metro Center
Nashville , Tennessee 37228
615-251-8895 phone
615 251 8897 fax


Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry but I literally just ate at Neely's BBQ Restaurant in Memphis and I was very disappointed. For a couple to have their own Food Network Show they sure are skimpy with the menu. Sides only include: Potato Salad, Beans, or Fries. Wow!!!!

The BBQ itself wasn't that great either. I was hoping for so much more since it was recommended by my hotel and I knew they-the Neely's had a show.

Do yourselves a favor and find better BBQ because the Neely's isn't it.

RoJo's Gourmet Blog said...

The Neely's in Memphis don't have a show. Interstate BBQ in Memphis is not the same as Neely's BBQ in Nashville. There is a post on Interstate Bar-B-Que at:
and one thing they were NOT was skimpy. But thanks for your comment.

Austin said...

I hate skimpy menus. It makes me feel like I don't have any options...
You should go to Sugar's Ribs in Chattanooga! They have a GREAT selection on their menu- not to mention everything is wonderful.
Their ribs are cooked to perfection, so the meat falls right off the bone. I always hate when I actually feel a need to use BBQ sauce, because a restaurant’s meats are too dry: that's what I LOVE about Sugar's. Their meat is so full of FLAVOR and it's so juicy- that I hardly touch the sauces. They really have the* best ribs around. I also love their chopped pork sandwiches cause their so full of meat that it'll fill you right up. It's funny that neely's only has three sides.. cause Sugar's has 11. They have two different types of slaw (I prefer the mayo slaw), an out of this world dill potato salad, and grilled okra (those are my favorites).
You should definitely try Sugar’s. You won’t be disappointed.

butterscotch said...

I recently visted neely's bbq in nashville the service was horrible the servers if you can call it that were very rude and lazy i was recomeneded by my hotel and was very dissappointed they operated with only one cashier and the lines were extremly long it took forever to get our order taken and be seated the bathrooms were horrible and to top it off there were bugs lined in the window seal like it haven't been cleaned over the weekend the dinning area was horrible and they had roaches to have a show on tv is a disgrace you guys are horrible and truely need to step up your game get some new girls

butterscotch said...

saturday nights are the worst at night the kitchen seemed to do a great job but the girls working all need to be replaced with people that respect customers i've never been in a place were you have to deal rude additudes over the mistake made by staff you could feel the tension from the cashiers which i thought was very unproffesional it was supposed to be an enjoyable moment the girl with the short hair was very rude please have a talk with her and the team because they are sure to put you guys out of bussiness

Anonymous said...

my wife came by saturday morning to pick up a call in order for lunch and while the girl with the long hair was very kind and on top of her job the one with the short bob was very project people do not care to her of your personal matter she thought was disgusting and rude please hire better employees

Anonymous said...

This place is dirty. The food is mediocre at best (the sides are simply awful).