Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baboon Ass Brand Hot Sauce Tracking

This map will show where in the US Baboon Ass Brand hot sauces are going. As people add zip codes you will see a very interesting pattern appear. Check back often as there are thousands of deliveries across the US to show. Feel free to enter yourself if you have bought, tasted or even just seen Baboon Ass Brand & Baboon Ass Gone Rabid Hot sauces in your area!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Baboon Ass Brand for Top20 Winner!

Hi Chile-heads of Cyberspace,

Join forces and help Baboon Ass Brand Habanero Hot sauce place in the top 20 at PEPPERS. Show us the Chile-head power on Cyberspace!!

Email this post to all your friends and have them vote too! We only have 79 votes; We Need 610 to get on the list. I know you guys can get us to the top! Thanks for all of your help.

When we make it on the list we will post a prize for all those who helped get us there.

Just click or copy and paste in your browser:

Scroll down and click the VOTE button when you get there!! If you don't see a vote button reload the page.

Thanks for the support!!