Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rain... Now it's Gourmet Too!

No, I’m not talking about the droplets of water that form and fall from the sky.

On my recent trip to the south, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc. I had the pleasure of stopping by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. We toured the various parts of the distillery, enjoying the historic grounds on which it sits, on the uncommonly warm and sunny December day. After watching a short video on the history of bourbon, touring the warehouse and finally the bottling facility, it was finally time for the tasting part of the tour. Being somewhat of a bourbon snob I found myself salivating at the opportunity to try another premium brand that I had not yet had.

Enter the tasting room. Our tour guide positions herself behind the par and says the following unexpected phrase, “Would anyone like to try some vodka?” HUH? Did she say vodka? Why did she say vodka? It turns out the parent company that owns Buffalo Trace also makes Rain Vodka. I don’t recall if they actually make it at that distillery, but what the hey, I’ll try some vodka! Boy, was I glad I did. The bourbon was just average, but the Rain Vodka was exceptional.

Rain is made from organically grown white corn. When you smell Rain you will get the scent of toffee, pear, moss and hay; aeration allows the aroma to deepen, especially the appealing earthy mossy perfume. The first taste is feather-light, and at mid-taste there’s a firm but satiny taste of sweet grain. Rain is delicious and delicate.

Before you mix Rain with tonic, orange juice, or your favorite bloody Mary; have a smell, have a sip, and let the rain flow.

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