Friday, June 27, 2008

Review: Cowboy Diner Slings Some Great Hash

Thursday, as on many days, I found myself on the road making customer calls. This day however I am in the Santa Cruz Mountains, that’s right it’s not all on fire. What is smokin’ hot is a little eatery in Felton, CA called the Cowboy Diner; also known as Cowboy Bar and Grill depending on which sign you see first.

We entered through the patio door which leads you right through the bar. This place is really kitschy with a covered wagon pass-through from the kitchen and the faux cow tablecloths. There is even an iguana on the wall next to the horse paintings and cowboy movie posters.

The lunch menu, printed on purple paper is loaded with quirky titled dishes. There is a nice selection of starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and larger meals available to choose from.

Our server recommended the soup du’ jour which was a three pork soup made with bacon, ham, and loin. Being a massive carnivore I could not resist a medley of three porks! We also decided to try the Pig Wings; tender little ribs that are glazed in a sweet and zesty sauce and served with a bowl of Pasilla Pepper Cream Sauce for dipping. Both of the starters were top notch.

I decided on the “Range Rover”, a half pound buffalo burger. It was served with American cheese and I opted for an addition of bacon and green chiles. The burger was a perfect medium and garnished with some thinly sliced red onion, tomato, and baby spring greens instead of the usual iceberg. On the side was some horseradish coleslaw.

Monica selected the Angus Beef Burger which also arrived cooked perfectly and dressed similarly. Both burgers were served on a soft bakery roll that really added to the enjoyment of the sandwiches. The Angus burger was served with a side of light and crispy fries, perfect to dip in the Pasilla Cream from the appetizers.

The menu also includes items such as a Sloppy Jed; barbecue pulled pork on a steak roll, and Yam Cakes served with ranch dressing and a sweet Jalapeno Glaze. We will be back to try those selections. With the portions being a large as they are I’m not sure we will ever get to see a dessert menu.

Whether you are a devout carnivore or a vegetarian the Cowboy Diner has something to please everyone. The next time we are in Felton we will be sure to stop in for another mess of vittles.

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