Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gourmet Gadgets: Grill Tek 6-in-1 Multi-Tool

I have real mixed feeling here. While I love new gadgets, I really dislike schlock. In all fairness let's break this new gadget down to see where it fits in!

First of all there are six tools in one and according to the manufacturer they are essential to grilling greatness:

An electronic cooking timer with alarm is definitely essential to achieve grilling greatness. How else will you be able to perfectly time the correct doneness of your steaks and such.

A digital clock was most likely included with the timer module and in my opinion calling this a tool in itself is a bit of a stretch.

A utility knife may not contribute directly to grilling greatness but it will help you open that ridiculously difficult to open bag of salad that will go with your steak. If you try to cut into your steak with this knife to test for doneness as depicted in the photo you will most likely be demoted to grilling grunt for your dry steaks.

A bottle opener? Personally, the drunker I get the better my food tastes so this must be an essential tool. Heck get everyone a beer and open it for them since you have the opener strung around your neck.

A bright LED light to check doneness; especially if you have those pesky guests that insist on well-done steaks. You will likely need this LED as you will be cooking deep into the dark nighttime hours.

And Finally, a built-in whistle to call everyone to the table. Nothing says come-n-get-it like the shrill blast of a whistle.

The whole thing clips to a belt loop or lanyard which is included, then extends on a retracting reel, ensuring that no mater how many beers you have opened you will still be able to deafen your guest when the food is ready.

The Grill Tek 6-in-1 Multi-Tool runs on 3 button cell batteries, which for a change are included. So if you have the Dad that has everything or is just plain hard to shop for you can pick this baby up for only $19.95 at a gourmet gadget retailer near you.

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