Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Sauce For Your iPhone!

PAIA, HI October 21,2010
A First for the Iphone, an app dedicated to hot sauce for sauce lovers. A growing list of over 500 sizzling sauces from around the world.

Jimʼs Burning Ring of Fire empowers you to ignite your inner pyro and manage your flaming tastebuds through hot sauce reviews and ratings on the Scoville heat unit scale. Also included, up to 20% off from our friends at Ashley Foods, makers of the world famous Mad Dog brand. Be one of the first 20,000 to purchase and receive a chance to win a 3 day trip for two to Baldface Lodge one of the worlds premier snowcat ski lodges. Value $5,500.

Manage all your favorite flames.

Ever had your tongue ignited with flavor and fire and forgot the name of the sauce? Sometimes it is just the effort to fetch paper and pencil that keeps us from writing it down. Jimʼs Burning Ring of Fire lets you retain your memory quickly and easily. Your return on Jimʼs Burning Ring of Fire app will be immediate when you can instantly recall the name of your favorite flame for your next outing.

Meet some cool and hot sauces.

In addition to hot sauces, you have a scoville scale with peppers and sauces rated from 0 to 16,000,000 Scoville heat units. The fire of love will be stoked as you meet and mingle with fellow arsonists and chili heads from around the world. Share your ratings and reviews with friends on Facebook and Twitter and dynamically search for sauces by name or company to quickly read and write reviews on your flaming flavorful favorites. To cool the burn we also include ideas on how to tame the flames.

Discover your true pyretic tendencies.
Whether you discover new ways of eating fire or simply adding some cool chipotle to your BBQ, itʼs good to know what your getting into before it come out the other end. So whether itʼs cayenne, chipotle or red hot will impress them all with your flair and flavor as you bring the hottest party favor. A must have for all CHILI-HEADS!!

Going Mobile LLC After 12 years of owning and operating one of the largest backcountry ski resorts in Canada, Jim Fraps needed a change and moved to Maui. After a year of learning to surf he needed a project. Seeing Iphone apps booming but having no real computer skills, but lots of marketing talent, Fraps got in touch with an old high school pal Paul Yago who has worked in the computer industry for 20+ years. Seeing that they were both “chili heads” the hot sauce idea came to life. Together they have created JimʼsBurning Ring of Fire, a hot sauce app to share with the world. Jimʼs Burning Ring of Fire will be available for purchase for $2.99 at the Iphone app store.

Please contact:
Jim Fraps for more information.


Anonymous said...

A HOT SAUCE APP??? I think i am in love...BTW, I work for a company called We are the web's first real time dining search engine, and have all dining info from thousands of restaurants' tweets, blogs, websites, as well as all dining deals from daily deal websites. Check us out!

PartyChef said...

Awesome Hot Sauce!

Chef Ira @

PartyChef said...

The IPhone App is a great idea!

Nin Rai @ Truffles Fine Foods

Wassi's Meat Market said...

IPhone app. Great idea