Monday, November 14, 2011

My New Creative Outlet: Psycho Donuts.

Here is a post from the PD Blog describing some of my Holiday Creations. Since starting at Psycho Donuts I have produced many innovative items that are currently receiving much press.
The Drunkin' Punkin' is a Chef Ron masterpiece; his own Plymouth Rock. We start with a bourbon-spiked pumpkin cake donut. Seriously. We top it with cheesecake icing, fresh pecans, and a cross-hatch of maple and caramel drizzle. If the pilgrims knew of this donutrocity, they may have landed in Santa Cruz rather than Plymouth Rock.

Bourbon donuts a little much for ya? Check out the Punkin' Spice Latte. This pilgrim is filled with spiced pumpkin, and topped with coffee and cinnamon icing.

Maybe your real Thanksgiving headliner is our Psweet PotatOnut. This crazed concoction is a raised donut topped with torched marshmallows, graham crackers, and a pumpkin spice filling.

Ready for dessert? How about some Punkin' Pie? Our Punkin' Pie Donut has pumpkin filling, and a topping of maple icing and crushed graham crackers.


Mike McQueen said...

They look so delicious. Will try to make this one.

Much love,
Gourmet Food Lover

Giulianos foods said...

Good article. Love the doughnuts and will try making some myself.