Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Robert Rothschild Farm Southwest Chipotle Salsa

Thanks to our good friends at Robert Rothschild Farm, and their generous sample pack that arrived at The Last Bite/The Smoky Chipotle headquarters, we had the opportunity to test drive a jar of their Southwest Chipotle Salsa.

When it comes to salsa there are a few things that make me very happy; first of all the presence of chipotle peppers is always a pleaser. Next I love a salsa that is rich and thick, a real chip breaker, if you get my drift! Finally, black beans and corn always add a flavor and textural element that I truly enjoy.
Well I got to tell you, this little jar is packed full of all that and more! My only complaint is that the jar is not big enough, especially if you’re sharing, and just try to open a jar of this salsa and keep it to yourself!

There is a sweetness to the tomatoes that is unlike most other salsas in this class. A quick review of the ingredients panel verifies that there is no added sugar, something I found surprising. I can only assume that the roasted corn and red peppers are helping to accent the sweetness of this tasty dip!

The chipotle is definitely a star in this jar! The fiery heat is balanced by all the sweetness of the fruit; remember tomatoes are a fruit, and the smokiness of the chipotles tantalizes both your nose and your palette. I’m telling you if you open this jar and other people are home the potential for a feeding frenzy is high!

So now the bad news, at $8.99 for a 10.5 oz jar, this will most likely not be your daily munch. With two kids in the house this jar, once opened, lasted just under 10 minutes, and while they were an oh so joyous 10 minutes, the sound of the spoon hitting the empty glass walls of the jar brought a sudden sadness to us all. If only it could have lasted just a few minutes longer. On the bright side there is a jar of Raspberry Chipotle Salsa in the box as well. That however is a review for another day!


Best Hamburger Recipe said...

yummy! what a delicious recipe! I want to take it tasty! :)

Matt Kay said...

Your last paragraph cracked me up. My hot sauces and snacks disappear into my own pie hole in seemingly record breaking times. So, I know that feeling of sadness well.

That said, I was curious about these salsas. I'm a fan of other Rothschild products but as you say - it's not the daily munch.