Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RoJo's Gourmet Foods Brings You New Items From the Fancy Food Show

January is the month that hosts the Winter Fancy Food Show. This years show was hosted in San Diego. Usually held in San Francisco, a scheduling conflict pushed the show south. RoJo's Gourmet Foods made a journey south to visit the several thousand exhibitors and bring back only the most special products available. One of those product is a line of tapenades and spreads from Hand to Mouth Edibles.

Aaron Baum is the owner and creator of these great products and his story goes like this:

Have you ever made a delicious gourmet dish and then have someone say, "Hey, this tastes great! You could sell that...people would love to buy your food!" Well, that's pretty much how Hand To Mouth Edibles Gourmet Foods was founded. In 1995 Aaron Baum, a Communications Consultant and a self described "guy who loves to cook" listened to the suggestions of friends and family and, as a result, changed careers to start his own gourmet food company.

Initially, Hand To Mouth Edibles was called "Baum's Breads & Spreads" - a company that
baked hand-crafted sourdough breads with fresh spreads to put on top. The 1995 model
for Breads & Spreads was based on the old Los Angeles based Helms Bakery business where warm fresh bread would be delivered right to your home or office once a week.

Customer response to the products was exceptional. However customer buying habits, and the fact that you can only bake so many loaves per night in a regular kitchen oven, precluded the business from fully developing. Aaron soon realized that customers could easily purchase
their favorite breads but the spreads and tapenades were not so easily available. Thus, the idea of repackaging spreads for a much wider customer base was born.

Since 1997, Hand To Mouth Edibles has brought to the national market, eight all-natural gourmet tapenades and spreads. These versatile and delicious products have found wide distribution in specialty and natural food markets; seasonal and corporate gift basket programs; amenity programs and in-room dining at better hotel/resorts; and, catalog and on-line shops throughout North America. Day-by-day, one mouth at a time, we're going Beyond the Cracker
to spread the word about good food!

Keep a lookout as we introduce the other awesome new products that we found at this years show. Hand to Mouth Edibles tapenades & spreads can be found at

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