Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Presidential Candidate Hot Sauce Results

The hot sauce polls are tallied and closed for the week ending October 14th, 2007. Clinton has taken a two point lead on Obama and Nunov Deabove is in third place with 10% of the votes.

Giuliani has slipped to 4th place with nine percent of the Chile-heads vote. Dave the creator of the world famous Insanity Sauce; the hottest sauce in the universe ties Gore, Thompson, Romney, and McCain in fifth place, a slip from last week.

The newest candidate to join the Chile-head Presidential campaign is Ron Paul. Since his label was just created the stats are not yet available.

Vote for your favorite candidate at RoJo's Gourmet Foods by ordering their sauce. We will update you every week until the Election. If there is a candidate that you don't see on our list let us know if you want to vote for them. If you think you stand a better chance all you need to do is email us and order 10 cases and we'll make you a label. To get your own Presidential candidate label email us at runningmate@innuendofoods.com

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