Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great to Give, Fun to Receive - Gourmet Sauces

Whether it's Monday Night Football or Christmas Day, RoJo's Gourmet Foods has the right gift for you to give. Gourmet food items are loved and enjoyed by everyone, and are moderately priced so that this holiday does not mean trying to pay off your credit cards by next holiday season.

The image above is the Monty's Best Buffalo Wing set. brand new and already earning awards this set is sure to please. With the original Buffalo style wing sauce there are also some less traditional flavors like Teriyaki Buffalo Wing and Roasted Garlic Buffalo Wing, and the Super Spicy and HOT Wing sauce for the die hard Chile-heads.

There is the new Chile-head survival kit from Dave's Gourmet; creator of the world famous Insanity Sauce. Each retro lunch box kit contains two full five ounce bottles of Dave's famous hot sauce. One bottle of his Hurtin' Jalapeno Hot sauce; perfect for eggs, taco's, burritos, or anything you want to inflict flavor on. The other five ounce bottle contains Dave's famous Temporary Insanity Sauce. This sauce is perfect for inflicting severe but temporary agony on yourself or others. Temporary Insanity Sauce is a ultra-hot extract based sauce that delivers great flavor and incredible heat. You will also get a package of Dave's Insanity Popcorn; a snack food guaranteed to deliver both pleasure and pain. It is the hottest snack food on the planet! Don't forget the awesome retro lunch box. It is a metal, painted number; not like the trashy plastic stuff they sell nowadays!

The Aussie Originals Outback gift set is made up of two sauces. Aussie Originals Ginger & Lime Soakin' Sauce is bonzer on Chicken, fish, tofu, and so much more!. It makes a great marinade, dressing, grill or dipping sauce. Aussie Originals Spiffy Steak Sauce is bonzer on steaks, burgers, meatloaf and Chicken. It makes a great marinade, grill or dipping sauce.Together they will work wonders on all your favorite foods. Made with the finest ingredients available. These are definitely the bees knees. So fire up the Barbie and pour on the Aussie Originals!

Two Goombaz is the ultimate in Italian Gravy(pasta sauce), and now you can have the entire experience in the Two Goombaz Italian Gravy Gift set. You'll get Tony's Basil & Garlic, Meadow's Marinara, and Paulie's Puttanesca. That's right, Da Whole Crew. A whopping Three pounds of gravy! Your taste buds will be amazed with the intense fresh flavors that can only be created in small batches. We do this to preserve the incredible, old world flavor of these treasured family recipes. However you choose to use The Two Goombaz Gourmet Italian Gravy, you can be assured that there is no better sauce available.

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