Friday, March 03, 2006

Two Goombaz Crew at Large!

When you think Goombaz, what comes to mind? Our Two Goombaz always think of food. When they think food, pasta is always involved. That’s why our Two Goombaz created this line of fresh from the kettle, Italian gravy.

Two Goombaz brings you the ultimate in flavor and freshness in their line of Italian Gravy (pasta sauce). Two Goombaz makes all of their sauces in small batches to preserve the incredible, old world flavor, and homemade style of these treasured family recipes.

Due a small hiccup with labels, only three of the five members were released. "Tony's Basil & Garlic", "Carmela's Cacciatora”, and "Meadow's Marinara" made bail. The crew will soon be joined by "Silvio's Sicciliana" and "Paulie's Puttanesca"; as soon as they’re lawyer gets them sprung!

Future plans include expanding the crew with a line of Two Goombaz Italian Gravies that feature wine infused flavors, a line of gourmet pasta to compliment the sauces, and a line of Two Goombaz Salad Dressings.

Customers have been writing it to tell us about their experiences with the current members of the “Two Goombaz” crew. This is what they had to say:

We love the fact that your sauces taste so homemade; it does not have that tomato paste flavor that most jar sauces have. J.C., California

Thank you for making “gravy” that tastes like my Mom’s. The Cacciatora reminds me of being back home. R.S., WI

It’s Good….Really, Really, Good! B.H., OR

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