Sunday, March 05, 2006

Don't Play With Your Food! - The Premier

Here is what you have been waiting for, the first official DPWYF image. Just in case you missed out on what to do, here are the simple rules:

We play with the food in the form of posting a photograph. While nothing has been done to alter the image, it should be somewhat challenging to identify. See, there it is on the right. Instead of you telling us not to play with our food, you will tell us what the food is in the photo. The winner of the prize is the person to be the first to log into the comment section of "DPWYF!" and correctly and completely identify that food item. The first person to do this wins the prize. Make sure you use a unique name to identify yourself. We will announce the winner on the blog. The prize for each contest will be identified, as we have done below.

The prize for correctly identifying the food in this photograph is an extemely innovative new product from the madman of hot sauce himself, Dave Hirschkop.

"It's Useful And Delicious!"
RoJo's Gourmet Foods will award a bottle of Dave's Hot Sauce & Garden Spray.

This is Brand New from Dave's Gourmet! After years of customers telling Dave that they use hot sauce to keep animals out of their garden and off their dinner table, they had an idea. They created this sauce to be a delicious addition to your food and a great way to keep deer and rabbits from eating your roses and carrots. The pump spray also allows you to have a more even distribution of sauce on your food.

For more information on this and many other product from Dave's Gourmet visit our retail site at:

The terms of this contest are as described and are administered at the discretion of RoJo's Gourmet Foods. In the event of a dispute RoJo's Gourmet Foods reserves the right to make the final decision. All prizes and winners are determined by RoJo's Gourmet Foods. RoJo's Gourmet Foods may substitute any prize at any time for any reason.


hchilehead said...

Looks like a grain from a mustard plant.

RoJo's Gourmet Blog said...

Sorry hchilehead, good guess though! keep trying...

Robert Jackson said...

You have pictured romanesque broccoli.

I believe it is a broccoli/cauliflower hybrid.

It is very beautiful.

Contact me at: hobart AT gmx DOT de

Or leave a comment at my blog.

Fanx, Rojo.

RoJo's Gourmet Blog said...

You are Absolutely correct!! You are the winner of the 1st Don't Play With Your Food! Congratulations. Your Prize Awaits.

Rojo Caliente