Saturday, February 25, 2006

Southern Tradition Meets California Insanity.

Twenty years ago, J&M Foods began making a variety of products using only the best of ingredients, using a 100 year old family recipe. They're a family owned and run company based on a fundamental principle; to produce the finest baked goods with only the best ingredients

The Original Cheese Straws are a traditional Southern delicacy combining a light crisp texture, with just a hint of “hot.”! Well that would never do for "spicemeister" and self proclaimed madman; Insane Dave Hirschkop. He strapped on his straight jacket and voila, 100 years of tradition goes totally nuts! In our opinion you would have to be nuts to pass up the Dave's Insanity Sauce version of this tasty snack.
Be assured, their family's kitchen uses only the finest natural ingredients for the best-tasting cheese straws you'll ever find.

Serve cheese straws anytime as a snack, appetizer or hors d'oeuvre. They are also a delicious counterpart to soups, salads, and fruit, wine…even jams and chocolate sauce!

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