Sunday, February 26, 2006

California Style BBQ. Get a Jump Start on Spring!

Now that we are just days away from March, the spirits from your Grill, BBQ, or Smoker are calling you with furious endeavor. Whichever one is your weapon of meats construction, the end result is a mouthwatering, juicy, and tender, perfectly cooked cut of your favorite beast. Only one thing could make your fire and smoke licked steak, chop, rib or roast better, the right sauce!

Geno's® award winning barbeque sauce was created with your perfectly constructed Barbecue in mind. You worked all day putting together the best BBQ you could possible imagine. You may have rubbed or marinated the night before, and spent the whole day making sure that the temperature was just right. You put fresh soaked wood chips on the fire every 45 minutes and now it is perfect. The last thing you want is some national brand sauce burying your wonderfully prepared BBQ with flavors that overpower the care you have painstakingly taken.

Geno's® award winning barbeque sauce doesn't mask and cover up the flavor of food and there is no aftertaste. Geno's® is a new category! "It isn't just a barbeque sauce and it isn't just a marinade sauce, it's an all-purpose sauce." Geno's® isn't hickory, smoke, garlic, vinegary or ketchupy in taste. It actually takes on the Natural Flavor of foods. It is never the same twice. You will taste your beef - poultry - pork - fish and other foods separately each time.

Geno's® Barbeque Sauce is available in three award winning flavors: Roundup(mild), Giddyup(spicy), and Stampede(hot). Don’t take our word on how good it is, check out this list of awards:

Place/Year Organization/Magazine / Category / Sauce Type

1st / 2001 Chile Pepper Magazine / Ketchup / Geno's Hot

1st / 2001 American Tasting Institute / Marinade / Geno's Mild

1st / 2000 National BBQ Association / Best Label / Geno's Mild

1st / 2000 NBBQA / Asian Marinade / Geno's Hot

1st / 1999 NBBQA / Asian Marinade / Geno's Hot

2nd / 2001 American Royal / Best Sauce on the Planet / Geno's Hot

2nd / 2000 American Royal / Best Sauce on the Planet / Geno's Hot

2nd / 1999 NBBQA / Mild Barbeque Sauce / Geno's Mild

2nd / 1999 NBBQA / Hot Sauce / Geno's Hot

3rd / 2001 NBBQA / Caribbean Marinade / Geno's Hot

3rd / 2000 Chile Pepper Magazine / Wing Sauce / Geno's Hot

Order any two (2) Jars of Geno's® West Coast Style BBQ Sauce at our already discounted price, during the month of March, and we will send you an extra jar for FREE.

Geno's® West Coast Style BBQ Sauce, It doesn't compete with the meat!

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