Saturday, March 28, 2009

Without Coffee There Would Be No Joy!

Especially on Monday Morning, am I right? Our friends at Happy Bean Coffee take the little Arabica coffee bean most seriously to bring you the finest coffee experience!

In the dreamy hours of the morning, the coffee bean begins anew to draw energy from dark, rich, volcanic soil and sunlight filtered through the remains of the previous night. The coffee bean stirs within and, to the first sounds of birds and the morning rituals of nearby inhabitants, the rain forest awakens around it.

It is drawn forth towards the day, guided by the call of nature and its own internal rhythm. It will be a gourmet Arabica bean or it will be nothing; it will taste rich and be aromatic or existence will be meaningless. It will surpass all expectations. It will start this day as it should and as it does always.

As the morning's milky fog washes over these young coffee beans, it convenes subtle harmonies in its eddies. The high mountain rain showers it with elixirs of stimulation and vitality. Fresh breezes carry the rain forest's earthy aroma and gently
stir perfect humidity and temperature against the bean's exterior. From the rich rain forest floor percolate flavors that define the bean's origin and gourmet heritage. Organic perfection is developing within. Along with it, develop the rich ­­­­complexities and exquisite body and acidity that are its hallmark.

But perfection ripens at its own pace. In the thin air of the equatorial mountains and in the shade of a broad, leafy canopy, an endless eon of eager anticipation must pass before the bean is ready. Dreams of lattes, French roast, decaf, espresso and perhaps, flavored hints of hazelnut, chocolate, or vanilla, may fill the time, but ultimate satisfaction is yet a long way off. For now, the gourmet coffee bean is tucked in the caring hands of the plantation farmer and there it will stay, until inevitability pulls it from its cozy mountainside home.

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