Thursday, February 19, 2009

You Did WHAT with Chocolate!?!?

Chocolate. Can you think of a more perfect indulgence? Some people even claim to have an addiction to this dark, rich, sweet, and almost intoxicating treat. It has even been said to have the same effect as love on some people; releasing similar hormones that create the feeling of euphoria. Could it get any better?

Bisous Pure Belgian Chocolates in the UK felt that they had finally made an improvement that people would notice. And so was born “The Incredible Edible Anus”. Made of only the finest all natural Belgian chocolate and manufactured by hand in the UK, these curious “chocolate starfish” are sold both online and in stores at Coco de Mer in the UK and the USA.

Now, I know it’s hard to believe that this is serious, I didn’t at first. I assure you that the website is legitimate and there are pages of testimonials touting the magnificence of the puckered chocolate butt-holes:

‘Edible Anus Chocolates - World's Most Unique Gift Idea! They would make the PERFECT gift for your proctocologist. ’
Kristie Leong M.D.

‘The chocolates look incredibly realistic and they make a great gift.’
Boyz Magazine

They have a minimum order of five boxes, and each box contains a dark, milk, and white chocolate poop shoot.

If you’re a serious fan and can’t get enough; there is even a limited edition solid silver anus made from 55 grams of hallmarked silver, cradled in an elegant presentation box and exquisitely crafted into that most sensuous of body parts, this is a unique and thought-provoking gift. Edition of 100 (edition # engraved).

There is a link to the Coco de Mer website which according to the browsing I did is an adult store. They sell lingerie, toys, books, and yes edible anuses. There is an entire section dedicated to erotica and how-to guides. The site is done in a sensual and respectful manner and is not at all trashy or flashy. There is as U.S. site so purchases can be made on-line by U.S. customers without much difficulty. (


burumun said...

Uhh ... yeah ...
I don't know. This is also almost off-putting to me.
Not to chocolates in general though! :P But I don't think I will be eating this one ...If I didn't know what it was supposed to be I don't think I would've thought of it and would just eat it.

Not anymore.

Mark by Chocolate said...

Hey, is send a friend working? How did you email me this page?

Love that chocolate.

Mark by Chocolate said...

Ah, Life By Chocolate makes chocolate bath products but nothing is extreme. Enjoy the, what?, taste sensation? ;-)

Jescel said...

i checked out the site and it's weird.. it's an exotic toys and lingerie shop! anyway, whoever thought that a chocolate shape after a butthole is.... 'nuff said :oD

roy j said... has other gourmet chocolate and foods online if you're interested.

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