Friday, August 08, 2008

Recipe: Classic Barbecued Chicken Simplified

This recipe is an All American Classic. We like to use drumsticks, but you can use your favorite part of the chicken or even a whole bird, cut up for the grill!

I can't think of an easier way to impress your friends and family without having to slave in the kitchen. You can serve this with some grilled corn or baked potatoes done right alongside on your outdoor cooker.


1 pkg Chicken Drumsticks(legs)
BBQ Rub or Salt & Pepper to taste
1 Jar BBQ Sauce any flavor

Wash thoroughly and pat dry chicken pieces. Season chicken with BBQ rub or salt and pepper. Grill chicken on a medium flame until it reaches and internal temperature of 160 degrees. Brush on your favorite BBQ sauce and continue to cook until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 175 degrees. Brush on more sauce during this process to achieve a nice sticky coating.

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Tom Aarons said...

Love the color of the chicken. Looks like you got it exactly right!