Friday, June 29, 2007

New Line: Aussie Originals; It's a Ripper!

On a trip down under you will find a couple of things completely unavoidable; roo crossings, and extreme flavors in regional cooking.

Innuendo Foods has captured both of those with the new Aussie Originals line. The Roo is on the label, the extreme flavor is in the jar.

Our Aussie Original Steak sauce is the only sauce that will have you hopping about your steak; fresh fruit and juices, combined with regional spices brings you a tangy sauce that will elevate your steak beyond the usual. It's equally amazing on meatloaf, burgers, and chicken. Use it as a secret ingredient in your chili or even wake up your veggies with a splash.

Aussie Originals Ginger & Lime Soakin' Sauce combines the regional flavors of fruit, ginger and sesame with soy and spices to give you a pukka taste sensation! Aussie Originals Ginger & Lime Soakin' Sauce is fantastic on all meats, including; chicken, fish and seafood. It makes an amazing salad dressing, sauce for a meatball appetizer, or dip for lettuce wraps. Uses for this versatile sauce is limited only by your imagination.

Together they will work wonders on all your favorite foods. Made with the finest ingredients available. These are definitely the bees knees. So fire up the Barbie and pour on the Aussie Originals!

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