Sunday, May 27, 2007

Now You Can Enjoy the Taste of California, Anywhere!

This is the greatest set of hot sauces ever assembled! It's Pure California Dreaming! Each flavor captures the essence of California in flavor and heat!

Key Lime Garlic is the foundation for all of three sauces. This is where the blending started. All of the CA Habanero Blends hot sauces have a base heat and THIS IS THE HOTTEST of the three they have. Enjoy the very distinctive flavor of the Habanero pepper along with its natural companion Key Lime Juice these two blend in harmony with the garlic that complete the circle of flavor.

Habanero Chipotle features the original habanero base paired masterfully with smoky chipotle and sweet molasses. Use this mouth watering sauce on all your food! Excellent as a dipper or to smother your hottest off the grill masterpiece!

Sweet Ginger Garlic is a perfect blend of Ginger and Garlic. They have added a distinctive flavor with nature's hottest capsaicin producer; the mighty Habanero! Flavor with a punch and the sweetness of the pineapple and citrus juice to bring it all together. This sauce is perfect as a grilling companion to chicken, pork, and seafood. Enjoy on all your favorites and try something new tonight. California Habanero Blends style.

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