Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rare, Beautiful, and Dangerous. Insanity Incarnate.

After months of anticipation; it's finally Here! Dave has completely outdone himself this time! The Dave's Gourmet Super Limited Reserve Hot Sauce is Insanity Incarnate! You wont be puring this stuff on your tacos or pizza. Imagine 14,000,000 scovilles of blazing heat in the most collectable hot sauce of the year.

Not only is Dave the creator of the entire extract sauce industry; he is also an innovator in the hot sauce world. His creations include; the Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce and a Hot Sauce and Garden Spray.

The Holiday Edition Super Limited Reserve Hot Sauce is another example of Dave's out of the box thinking. This beautiful jar feature an etched label and every bottle is personally signed and numbered by Dave himself.

Only 200 of these have been created and once they are gone; it's forever! We are the first to have these in stock, but our supplies are extemely limited, and by extremely I mean five. We most likely will not see anymore as all 200 jars are allocated. You will be surprised by how fast these sell out!!!! Don't waste time staring at your collection, wishing you had one of these. Get your today before it's to late!

You can get one today at RoJo's Gourmet Foods

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